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Ways to start enjoying your commute!

By Gene Myers According to happiness research professionals—and yes, there are such people—people are most unhappy when they are commuting. If your commute takes an hour, that two hours a day adds up to almost 22 days a year spent … Continue reading

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Column: The smiling exercise

Ever notice the feeling you get when you are walking around with a smile on your face? I usually feel a little bit goofy, a little self-conscious. But my fear is allayed the minute I come in contact with another … Continue reading

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On depression: you can’t catch a net with itself

It makes sense that people trust their thoughts. Just like the omniscient narrators from TV shows like “The Wonder Years” and “Burn Notice,” we use the little voices in our heads as navigators to lead us from one situation to … Continue reading

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Ways to get happy, FAST!

So here we are. Christmas is over and the winter is coming on strong. If you feel your mood and energy levels slipping, here are nine ways to lift your spirits from Gretchen Rubin’s article in entitled, “Nine tips for … Continue reading

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Really, whose family isn’t dysfunctional??

Have you ever seen the “Saturday Night Live” skit that starts off with a generic family sitting together to celebrate a holiday? Continue reading

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What is happiness? (Part 3)

So our definition of happiness is building. It is the result of things that are external to us, like our surroundings. It is also the result of the choices we make as members of various communities. It can come from … Continue reading

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What is happiness? (Part 2)

“How would you define happiness?” I asked friends and family in an e-mail… The first reply was from my mom, “Happiness is seeing my grandson, and him saying ‘Grandma,” she wrote. So, Mom’s definition is on par with Webster’s. My … Continue reading

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