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Considering my 3 gifts from God

There are times when the days seem to run into each other creating a momentum that I could never hope to get out in front of. When I see life this way, it’s overwhelming. But sometimes, I see life as … Continue reading

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How to not lose your head this Halloween

A lot of the books I buy my son are recommendations from Suburban Trends children’s book columnist Richard Gawel. In a recent column, he recommended Matthew McElligott’s “Even Monsters Need Haircuts.” So I bought it. I wanted my 4-year-old son, … Continue reading

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Scribd, haiku and ‘When I Think Sky’

It seems like haiku poets get an even smaller slice of the pie than poets in general. Many anthologized, very talented artists are hard to find, most books out of print. But I just found Alexis Rotella for free on … Continue reading

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The Rattle Bag makeover!

Giving a little facelift to the site…let me know if you have any suggestions? Thanks! Gene

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Column: Soaring from note to note in my head

What does it take to be happy? I ask that question each week in The Joy of Life. My goal for each column is to share experiences that make me smile. Usually, these are little moments, little revelations that arise … Continue reading

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Me reading at a cafe in Caldwell, NJ

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Why an epiphany is personal

A student comes to his master and says, “Everyday I have to sweep the floor, prepare my gruel and do laundry. How can I escape this routine?” The master replies, “Sweep the floor. Prepare your gruel, and do your laundry.” … Continue reading

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