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The poem I am living with today: Gary Hotham and timelessness

a few feet from our feet the ocean bottom starts Haiku by Gary Hotham Advertisements

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What is it about compact poems?

What is it about compact poetry that makes it special? Makes it seem more charged? For me, compact poems are all essence. Sometimes, a small poem can be a good sign that the poet put the pen down before the … Continue reading

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Compact, compact, compact!

To me, the idea of imposing size limits on poems is exactly what empowers them, charges them and makes them spiritual in a very special way that I am not sure another art can manage. http://nowculture.com/nowcu/index.htm

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What is American haiku?

My idea of American haiku largely comes from a Norton anthology, as well as the practices of modern American haiku writers. The 5/7/5 doesn’t translate into English. Take that away and you get haiku like this: snowflakes astrologer stargazing – … Continue reading

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