Steve Earle on the idea of a “muse”

Steve Earle; Allison Moorer

Steve Earle was a country music star in the 80s. But a heroin addiction took its toll on his career and personal life causing a downward spiral that landed him in prison in 1994.

He’s worked hard to get his life back on track since those days and his efforts paid off in the form of a critically acclaimed career and a new life with singer Allison Moorer who he married in 2005.

GM: Now you’ve been successful, you pulled yourself together and you have a good home life, critics love your work and even your country fans are coming back, do you worry that it will hurt your muse?

SE: Things have been going pretty right for me for a long time. I don’t worry about that kind of stuff. If you were put here to do this, you do it. You gotta get up in the morning and work at it. I think the whole concept of a muse is overrated. The muse is there. It’s really just a matter of working every day.

GM: Would you compare how it felt playing guitar as a teenager to how it feels now? Has your relationship to music changed over the years?

SE: It’s coming full circle. Lately, I have been concentrating on playing acoustic guitar. As a kid, I wanted to play electric guitar, but I only had an acoustic guitar. Lately, it’s been by choice. I collect guitars. It’s where the money I make goes. I’ve got over 100 of them. I have a lot more guitars than I did then. I am a lot better of a guitar player than I thought I would be when I was a teenager.

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One Response to Steve Earle on the idea of a “muse”

  1. Kathy says:

    Wow, I’d love to check out his guitar collection! Amazing.

    Check out Bruce Springsteen’s new release and pretty legit deluxe set

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