How to use time travel to fix a thing or two

We’ve built an $8 billion Large Hadron Collider. Stephen Hawking has painted a picture of the universe’s fate far into the future and yet we’re no closer to controlling time than the caveman was to building a rocket.

Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t use time travel to fix a thing or two, here and there. Photos and movies can act as tour guides for our imaginations, letting us journey into the past to revisit world events so we can learn from our mistakes.

Time travelers who are even more ambitious can take advantage of the accounts of important events that writers have been keeping for a few thousand years now and pictographs can take us even further back in time.


About genemyers

Gene Myers is a New Jersey poet, music journalist and columnist who learned to walk twice. His weekly column is called The Joy of Life. He was awarded first place in Arts and Entertainment Writing by The New Jersey Press Association.
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