Learn your vocal range

Learn your vocal range. This is essential, as singing pieces written for the wrong range may strain your voice. The tone of your voice is much more important than range. People will love or hate your voice based on its sound character, not how many notes you can hit. Never sacrifice tone for range (stay inside your range). Your range can change over time and with maturity and training but vocal chords can not learn to physically change.

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  1. Elisha Rae Ewonchuk says:

    Further to this post, vocal range refers to the color and timbre of your voice when singing in the pitches of a defined vocal range. Many people think vocal range is based on the pitches of the notes they can hit, which isn’t the case; if you can sing a really high note, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a soprano.

    There are three main vocal classifications each for men and women. For men, you can either be a bass, (lowest) a baritone, (middle) or the highest, a tenor.

    It works the same for women, You can either be an alto, (lowest) a mezzo-soprano, (middle) or the highest, a soprano.

    Elisha Rae Ewonchuk

    Singing Instructor
    Sing Like A Pro

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